(from Santander Jimenez to Brownsville)

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Roots in Santander Jimenez, Tamaulipas

Basilio & Donaciana

Jimenez 1

Jimenez 2


Basilio Alcalá and

Donaciana Quintana

In Jimenez, October 24, 1970.  (left to right) Raul N. Longoria Villarreal, Raul N. Longoria Alcalá, Mauro Alcalá Quintana and Panchito Rodriguez. In Jimenez, October 24, 1970.  (left to right) Maria Minerva Alcalá de Longoria, Victoria Rodriguez de Quintana and Maria Lydia Garza de Alcalá. Victoria was Mauro Alcalá’s aunt by marriage, and Panchito was her brother.  


Family Scenes

Mauro with goats

Mauro cutting grass

Girls cutting grass

Mauro Alcalá Quintana in the back yard of his Brownsville home, circa 1952.  He lived in the city but he was a country boy at heart and raised goats and a cow in his back yard. To feed his cow and goats, Mauro Alcalá had to make frequent trips to the levees along the Rio Grande to cut grass and bring it back home to feed his animals. The outings were family affairs, and all the women pitched in to haul the "hay" back to their animals.  All the girls still have vivid memories of these outings.  


The Mauro Alcalá Family

Alcala girls

Noe & his grandparents

The five Alcalá girls of Mauro Alcalá Quintana and Maria Lydia Garza Longoria. I married the pretty one in the middle. A grandfather prouder than Mauro Alcalá there will never be.  Here he and his wife Lydia are shown with their first grandson, Raul Noe Longoria Alcalá.    


The Maria Lydia Garza Longoria Family

The Jose Garza & Juana Longoria Family

2004 Garza Family Reunion

Jose Garza Villarreal and his wife Juana Longoria Villarreal (back row in center) with some of their family, at their home in Brownsville.  Juana was a descendant of Matias Longoria, original grantee of Porcion 93 in Camargo.  Their daughter Maria Lydia married Mauro Alcalá Quintana in 1939. On July 31, 2004, about 60 years after the photo to the left was taken, some of the descendants of Jose Garza Villarreal and Juana Longoria Villarreal gathered in front of their ancestor's former home for a similar portrait.  Seated at front center is 84-year old Fernando Garza Longoria, the youngest child of Jose Garza and Juana Longoria.    



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