(La Encantada land grant, Brooks County, Texas)

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Family Portraits

Ponciano & Rita

Longoria Villarreal Photo Tree

Longoria Trevino Photo Tree


Ponciano Longoria

& Maria Rita Villarreal

(courtesy Rene Longoria, Jr.)

Ponciano & Rita's


Eugenio & Ana T.

Longoria Family



Family Life

Raul & haystack

Raul & his mules

Tio Baldo planting

Homes of Eugenio & Raul

Raul Longoria Treviño, standing in front of a hay stack.  The Eugenio Longoria home is in the right background. Another photo of my Dad, showing his mules and the windmill, probably late 1930's or early 1940's.

My uncle Osvaldo planting the fields in front of his father Eugenio's house.  The larger building in the background is  the Longoria school; the smaller one is the students' restroom.

(late 1940's.)

A view of the homes of Raul Longoria Treviño (left) and Eugenio Longoria Villarreal, ca. 1975. Following this road (dirt after this point) about another half mile would take one to the Santa Rita Ranch.


Ana T. Longoria & family

Dad hunting

Noe the hunter

Noe & Spot

My paternal grandmother, Ana Treviño Vidaurri, with six of her children.  Seated, from the left, are Oscar, Osvaldo, Raul, Leonel, grandmother, and Irma.  Standing is Odilia.  Not present were Ponciano (deceased) and Maria Estella.  December 1974 . My Dad, Raul Longoria Treviño, with his faithful dog, probably returning from a hunt. Hunting was a favorite pastime of everyone on the ranch, but game was scarce.  After an unsuccessful hunt, Raul Noe Longoria Alcalá figured he better bring some wildflowers to appease the waiting cooks. Every ranch has a dog to warn of intruders and rattlesnakes.  This was Spot (note the ear) standing guard with Raul Noe Longoria Alcalá.


The Longoria Cemetery 

Eugenio Longoria Cemetery

Eugenio & Ana T. Longoria Tombstones

Antonia Vidaurri Trevino Tombstone


The Eugenio Longoria cemetery, established in 1927.

The final resting place of Eugenio Longoria and Ana Trevino Longoria, individual headstones in side-by-side graves.

The first person to be interred in the cemetery was Antonia Vidaurri Trevino, the mother-in-law of Eugenio Longoria.


Some of the personalized tombstones

Raul Longoria monument

Osbaldo Longoria monument

Oscar Longoria monument

Rudy Schacherl monument


The monument for my dad Raul Longoria, designed by my brother to reflect Dad's love of ranching.

The monument for Osbaldo Longoria, who had a great love for deer hunting.

The monument for Jose Oscar Longoria, auto mechanic and owner of Oscar's Garage in Edinburg.

The monument for Rudy Schacherl, husband of Elma Longoria.  Rudy worked for the King Ranch and his job included trapping coyotes.




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