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"Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." ...Kierkegaard

My database of family members begins with the present and extends with certainty back to the 14th century, and with some uncertainty back to the 6th century. The Longoria branch extends back to Pedro Cosme de la Debesa del Codejal (born in the Concejo de Salas in Asturias, Spain); he was the father of Pedro Cosme de Longoria, whom I believe to be our first ancestor to actually use the surname of Longoria. Pedro Cosme de Longoria fathered Pedro de Longoria (ca. 1530-1590), who fathered Alonso de la Pontiga (born ca. 1559), who fathered Lorenzo Suarez de Longoria (ca. 1592 - 1668), our first ancestor to travel to the New World in 1603. Our Longoria line of ancestors is by far the most extensive branch here. Other notable branches here are my wife’s Alcala and Garza lines, my mother’s Villarreal and Solis lines and my paternal grandmother’s Treviño and Vidaurri lines.

Eugenio note (click to enlarge)
The first page of notes left by my paternal grandfather Eugenio Longoria Villarreal on his Longoria family tree.  His three pages of notes fully corroborated Seabury's information.

My primary sources of information have been family members, the F. W. Seabury papers as transcribed by Jose Rene Escobar in his Family Tree Book, and the various genealogical publications by Guillermo Garmendia Leal. But I have also relied extensively on other amateur genealogists’ work, most notably those by Pedro T. Rodriguez and Frank Longoria. A partial listing of my sources is found in the Sources section of this website; please refer to my Database for a much more comprehensive list of my sources.

It has never been my goal to gather all the proper documents to prove our ancestry. To me, it is sufficient to just know who our ancestors were, and to know something about them, no matter how inconsequential. The task is never-ending; it continues to evolve and research continues. Although I believe my database is very reliable, there are undoubtedly some mistakes and errors of omission. I welcome feedback from anyone who finds such mistakes and errors.

The database includes individual photos of some of my immediate family, ancestors and relatives. Biographical notes are included for many individuals from generations past, but to honor privacy concerns I have not included such information for the more recent generations.

Number of Individuals in Database -- 13,539

Previously, I had included in my database a connection to the royalty of Spain and Europe even though the connection, extending back to the 6th century AD, had not been proved conclusively.  I did so because there was much historical evidence which seemed to indicate that Alonso de Estrada was an illegitimate son of King Ferdinand of Spain, and I decided to include the possible but unproven royal connection for completeness and to solicit discussion.  However, the research done by Jose Antonio Esquibel, reported in Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research (SHHAR) Volume IV (1998) and titled "The Paternal Ancestry of Don Alonso de Estrada, Tesorero y Gobernador de Nueva España, and the Revised Genealogy of the Sosa Albornoz Family", presents very compelling evidence as to Alonso de Estrada's true lineage.  I now believe Esquibel's work is the most definitive study to date of Alonso de Estrada's lineage and that Alonso de Estrada was not an illegitimate son of King Ferdinand.

However, Esquibel had an earlier research report in SHHAR (Vol. I, 1994) titled "Lines of Descent from Don Alfonso XI, Rey de Castilla y Leon, to Don Ruy Diaz de Mendoza y Arellano" in which he presented eight lines of descent linking King Alfonso XI to Ruy Diaz de Mendoza y Arellano.  Esquibel states that this Ruy Diaz de Mendoza y Arellano was "...presumably the same man of this name who was the husband of doña Catalina de Salazar...".  This presumption appears to be quite correct; nevertheless, the reader should keep in mind that it is a presumption.  

I HAVE REVISED MY DATABASE TO INCORPORATE THE RESEARCH DONE BY JOSE ANTONIO ESQUIBEL.  I now show a probable royal connection through Don Ruy Diaz de Mendoza, descended from an illegitimate son of King Alfonso XI.  

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