(in Porcion 94, Starr County, Texas)

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The home of Juan Longoria & Yrinea Villarreal

Juan's house

Juan's windows

Juan & Yrinea Longoria’s last home in La Grulla. It was still occupied in 1975 when this photo was taken. The windows had iron grills; those on the front had Juan's initials, those on the rear had Yrinea's initials.    



The home of Ponciano Longoria & Maria Rita Villarreal

Ponciano's house


Ponciano's windows


The home of Ponciano & Maria Rita in La Grulla.  It was already abandoned when this photo was taken in 1975.

View of heavy wooden rafters in Ponciano’s home in La Grulla. As with his parent's home, the windows were protected with iron grills, adorned with their initials.  



San Roque Church and the Longoria Cemetery

San Roque

Longoria cemetery

Longoria bovedas

The San Roque Church in La Grulla. A view of the Longoria cemetery in La Grulla, showing some of the bovedas (burial vaults). A close-up of two of the Longoria bovedas.  The wife of Juan Longoria, Maria Nicolasa Flores, is buried in the one on the left.  


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