My database of family members begins with the present and extends back to the 15th century. The Longoria branch extends back to the grandfather of Pedro de Longoria, father of Alonso de la Pontiga, in Asturias, Spain, and is by far the most extensive branch here. Other notable branches here are my wife’s Alcala and Garza lines, my mother’s Villarreal line and my paternal grandmother’s Treviño and Vidaurri lines.

The database includes 13,539 individuals. The best way to navigate through the database is to first go to the Surname List and locate the surname of an individual you are interested in. Clicking on the surname of interest will take you to a list of all the individuals with that surname. Then you can follow the links to his ancestors or relatives in the database.

A WORD OF ADVICE AND CAUTION: Much of the information in my database came from other published sources and some came from personal correspondence with other individuals. In all cases I consider the information to be very reliable and accurate. However, I did not attempt to collect original documents to verify the information on all of the individuals in my database. I verified only those in my own immediate family and some of our more recent antecedents. Many of my sources obtained their information by deciphering original documents and, as with any other work of that type, it is possible that a few transcription errors and/or interpretation errors may have been made. THE READER OR USER OF MY DATABASE SHOULD DO THEIR OWN VERIFICATION OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED THEREIN.

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